2022 Event

” I’ve had a lot of takeaways. Just blown away by the presentations, networking, community. Definitely gonna be back for the next one. The ability to approach so many high-level players in all the different levels of the game has been gamechanging. Everybody from the speakers, to agency owners has been fantastic.”

Adam Chronister

“I’m learning from every connection I make here. The event always meets my expectations, I can’t say how much I love the Master Hackers and Hite family. It’s incredible what they were able to pull off, especially being the first event.”

George Copeland

“When I come to these events I look for three things: Knowledge, inspiration, and collaboration, and TCS has delivered all 3. It’s been awesome, I would highly recommend other agency owners who are looking for inspiration and to tap into likeminded people about succesful practices to come check it out.”

Sven Maric

“I’m always looking to take things to the next level. There’s no better way to be part of this community, that I can see. To me the impactful thing has been the people who I’ve connected with here. The nice thing about seeing the speakers is connect with their stories, find the people I might want to work with.”

Trevor Crane

“The entire event surpassed my expectations, I didn’t know what to expect, it was a last minute decision, but it has surpassed anything I could have hoped for. The biggest thing that stood out to me was starting out with the “why” and starting out with the commitment prompting us to go deeper, cause after all that’s the foundation on which you should build you business.”

Christene Starin

“It’s really impressive to be in a room of higher level agency owners, typically I’m around lower level agencies. So to be able to see the people that are here and the speakers leading them has really been amazing. If you’re an agency owner, you work for an agency, and you’re interested in being around people who are probably 1 or 2 steps ahead, I can’t recommend the commitment summit highly enough”

Chase Buckner

“You’re around the top people in digital marketing, but more importantly, the people here are committed. I’ve been able to get 1on1 time with other speakers and attendees in a way I never would have gotten in another mass conference. This is where people that I’ve known and heard about but have never met are in an intimate setting and getting to spend quality time with them all it takes is one connection”

Dennis Yu

“I’ve had goosebumps all day just by being amongst the community brought together by TCS. It’s not easy to find a room full of amazing people that empower you and inspire you to grow, and to top it off you have them all in a tropical paradise.


This is called The Commitment Summit and I’ve never seen more committed people to their purpose.


If you want to uplevel your life, business, and drive; it’s a no brainer, come to TCS. “

Jenn Gottlieb

” I came to TCS wanting to have a good time. Having been to past events my expectations were already very high, but I have to say that I was blown away. The setup, organization, and caliber of speakers was amazing.


I’ve been in the digital marketing agency world for a long time. So, being reeducated and surrounded by amazing people that want to push you forward is top-notch.


If you don’t come to TCS 2023, you’re missing out big time.”

Mike Peterson

People have come from all over the world with different backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences, everyone together has been extraordinary.


I think everyone wants to be able to not only learn but also implement. So, something I really appreciate about the speakers is that everything they provide is actionable.


There was also a lot of impact, and that’s what I value so much in events. But I think TCS took the cake, not only in connection but things that I can actually go and do.

Neil Tricerico

I’m super excited to be here at TCS in Costa Rica. My favorite part has been all the amazing speakers and being able to network. It has been an incredible experience.

Ryan Ballard

I’m here to meet other agency owners to actually connect and learn best practices for success. There’s a lot I’m gonna take back and implement when I get home. I’m excited for next year!

Kari Simpson

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